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Ropes course

Ropes course

You can find there the enjoyment for the whole family, from the youngests to the possibility of the unique 12 meter free-fall jump.

After taking your kids to the part intended for children called „Vodníkův ráj“ (Merman's paradise) and leaving them playing there under the supervision of an instructor, you can try to cope with „Mlynářská cesta“ (Miller's path), which is suitable for adults or older children accompanied by his parent.

A trained instructor will tell you some information at the beginning of the program and you will learn on the ground how to belay and safely climb obstacles, which wait for you. After this you can go ahead up the trees. A miller's living was never easy but full of traps. You have a chance to overcome this challenge, your fear or maybe you yourself at our ropes course. The last element will give you a lift to the island in the middle of the pond and you will enjoy the very nice feeling of slightly tired body with the mind full of unrepeatable experiences.

It's no shame to hesitate or to take a rest between obstacles. The shame is not to try it. Don't hurry, enjoy your motion among trees and remember your safety all the time. We guarantee you a strong experience, which is going to bring you back. The stay among the treetops takes about an hour or one and a half hours and if you still feel hungry for more adrenalin, the unique jump is ready for you, too.

Lanové centrum - Mlynářův skok

Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump) is a separate element in our ropes course. It's the barrier between your body and your mind. It is not hard or physically demanding, but when overcoming it will give you unbelievable adrenalin feeling for sure. Millers were brave man and one proverb says- He who's afraid of leaves, must not come into a wood. Mlynářův skok is not only for men, but girls and women are welcomed, too.

Remember to be aware of alcohol if you have a plan to visit our rope course or to drive a car.

The rope course Davidův mlýn is a member of the network of PROUD Ropes courses. These ropes courses use only certified belaying equipment, are build according to the EU standards and the instructors are specially trained. Our primary aim is your safety and your strong adrenalin experience.

Try our rope elements

Vodníkův ráj (Merman's paradise)
Vodníkův ráj The part called Vodníkův ráj (Merman's paradise) is suitable for children and it consists of seven rope elements, which are ranged into one lane. The safety of children is provided by the nets installed below the elements.
Mlynářská cesta (Miller's path)
Mlynářská cesta The part called Mlynářská cesta (Miller's path) consists of eleven high rope elements ranged into one path. There is the lift in the end of the path, which takes you to the island. The safety of participants is provided by the belaying system of ropes.
Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump)
Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump) is a Moravian unique adrenalin activity for the braves. We jump from a small platform, which is 12 meters above the ground. You have the harness on, which is connected by a carbine to the rope. The rope is winded up on a cone-shaped spool, so that during a jump the the rope unrolls and slows down the fall.

Prices 2012

Vodníkův ráj (Merman's paradise)
all-day entrance for 1 child 80 Kč/day/a child
all-day entrance for 4 children 250 Kč
a group over 15 persons negotiated price
Mlynářská cesta (Miller's path)
1 entrance 180 Kč/ a person/ one way
4 entrances 650 Kč
a group over 15 persons negotiated price/one way
Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump)
1 jump 120 Kč/a person/ a jump
5 jumps 500 Kč
a group over 15 persons negotiated price
Rodinný trojboj (Family triathlon)
Vodníkův ráj (Merman's paradise) + Mlynářská cesta (Miller's path) + Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump) 300 Kč
Mlynářská cesta (Miller's path) + Mlynářův skok (Miller's jump) 250 Kč
VAT included in all the prices.

Opening time 2012

April and October
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays 10.00–18.00
Monday–Friday to order
May, June and September
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays 10.00–19.00
Tuesday-Friday to order
July, August
Monday-Sunday 10.00–19.00
November to March
Monday-Sunday to order